Friday, November 24, 2006

Beer Store Etiquette part 1

alright if you know me then you know where i work...if you don't know me, well i work for Brewers Retail (THE BEER STORE).  I just have a few pointers to those people out there that are just coming in to the age of drinking.  Anyone living in Ontario the drinking age is 19, once you hit this age you will have well over 50 years of legal drinking.  I want to stress that during these long prosperous years of your life you will encounter numerous different kinds of beers.  Some beers will be in a green bottle, others in a clear one, then there are the ones that are oddly shaped, but oh yeah what about the brown industry bottles that soooo many brewers use.  Here are some tips to help you return your bottles to the closest Beer Store without pissing off the Beer Store employee(s):


1.  If you buy your beer through The Beer Store then return it just the way you FUCKING BOUGHT IT!!  ie: the Moosehead bottles go with the Moosehead bottles,  Corona bottles go with Corona bottles, etc...



2.  If you are a beer can drinker and you always have a ton of beer cans to return, just throw them in a garbage bag and keep track of how many you have.  We will believe  you! (just don't be too greedy with your total). It really pisses me off when people come in with a bag of cans and they have no idea how many they have.  If you don't know how many you have, how the hell am I gonna pay you for them?






4.  If you leave cardboard outside it will deteriorate.  Rain makes paper mushy.  If you didn't already know that Einstein.  Don't bring your soaking wet case in and say 'watch that case it's wet,' well what the hell are you keeping your beer outside for you dumbass. I don't care how small your place is devout one tiny friggin crevice to put your empty cases.  A dry box is better then a wet one(not all the time mind you).



5.  Putting your bottle caps BACK on your bottle once you have consumed the precious nectar tells the world you have nothing better to do with your life.


6.  The plastic six pack holders should be cut and recycled, not have the cans put back in them.  Once again if you do this it screams to the world you have no life.



Well I think that's enough ranting and raving for the time being.  I will have more up soon.

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